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(MOP) Meter Operating Agreement

In the electricity supply sector, ‘MOP’ stands for Meter Operator, and all Half Hourly supply points require a separate MOP Agreement covering the cost of maintaining the meter. If a fault is discovered with your meter, it is the MOP’s responsibility to make the necessary corrections and repairs.

A MOP agreement will be included in any HH supply agreement via your supplier if it has not been arranged separately or prior to your power supply starting with your supplier at elevated charges and is separate to your supply contract but is still invoiced in most cases through your supplier, confusing and costly to any business, not with our direct MOP agreements, eliminating elevated charges through your supply agreements. Failure to secure a MOP contract will result in MOP related charges being passed through on your monthly supply bill, which is not an economical solution as these charges will be higher than if you maintain a valid MOP contract. Plus, without a valid MOP contract you will run into problems when it comes to switching suppliers of your HH supply contract.

Given the contract duration involved, it is not unusual for consumers to forget about the MOP during the interim years. If you have recently received a MOP renewal notice get in touch with GEM ENERGY - For Business Group, to ensure you receive the best price and professional service. We can also remind you about the MOP renewal date, which is especially important if you like to switch supplier and tend to forget about the MOP renewal during a 5+ year term.

Reasons to secure a MOP -

• Avoid expensive MOP Pass Through Charges

• Ensure no delays when switching electricity suppliers

• Opt for a longer term contract to achieve a cheaper MOP

• Ensure meter faults are addressed promptly to ensure accurate billing

Meter Administration, Data Collection and Invoicing Solutions 

  • Meter Data Collector and I T infrastructure through Web Anlayser 

WebAnalyser has been developed by Britain’s leading independent metering services business to provide fast and easy access to customised data covering gas, electricity and water usage – and, uniquely, will include the ability to control and switch electrical loads from within the same browser environment.

The portal is already monitoring many thousands of meter points across Britain’s industrial and commercial landscape, enabling energy managers to analyse multi-utility consumption data across their entire portfolio - from complex multiple sites down to individual meters at a single site level. Customers can customise dashboards to access key data quickly, showing total consumption, specified time periods, cost centres, best and worst performing sites, CO2 output and much more, using around 20 pre-configured reports.

The system also enables customers to collect and analyse profile data unique to their business in order to compare consumption patterns across sites and identify opportunities for improvement. Alarms can also be set to help alert energy managers and consumers to energy wastage.

Unmetered Supplies and Connections

Distribution Centre Network supplies and connections

Unmetered Supplies -

What is an unmetered supply? Once you have your unmetered supply... An unmetered supply is a supply of electricity to a particular item of equipment that is connected to the Distribution Network without a meter, e.g. street lights, traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, etc. As laid out in the current regulatory guidance and industry codes, for an unmetered electrical supply to be connected to the network covered geographically on the image at the left hand side, it must meet the following criteria:

• The electrical load is of a predictable nature, and
• The electrical load is less than 500 watts; or
• It is not practical for a supply of electricity to be given through a conventional meter. 

In addition, in line with guidance from ELEXON, who are the electricity industry governing body who oversee trading arrangements, an approved charge code must also be in place for each particular item of equipment. You will be required to sign a connection agreement which is a formal agreement between you and distribution centre and network provider for that geographic area, that will be issued to you indicating that you agree with the terms and conditions of an unmetered supply, this must be done before your new connection and energisation of equipment is completed.


GEM ENERGY - For Business Group large electricity consumers have the ability to reduce your electricity consumption during periods of national high demand in the months November through to February inclusive can lead to a reduction in electricity transmission costs for the following year. The three highest 30 minute periods of demand in the UK over these four months are known as TRIAD periods and are used to calculate your transmission charges for the following year.

These three periods are only known after the four months and as electricity consumption cannot be dropped retrospectively, there are services that can help estimate the days where national demand is likely 

to be high. We offer a free notification service to our electricity consumers via our online portal or text message service throughout the 4 month period to help our customers reduce their transmission costs where possible.

GEM ENERGY - For Business Group can arrange all new connections and unmetered supplies for any purpose along with our full meter administration and triad alerts services UK nationally based. If you have any questions or queries with regards to anything related to supply point metering please contact us via the form below, making sure all of you details are correct and one of our dedicated corporate energy analysts will contact you back,

alternatively please call our head office on 01207 664311 or email us on - [email protected]

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