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National editorial - Ingenious energy saving solutions for businesses With Scott Williams, CEO of GEM ENERGY - For Business Group

GEM ENERGY - For Business Group

It has come to our attention that some third party consultancies are recruiting potential customers to act and create scenarios that would have a detrimental effect on our company and the services we offer. For clarity purposes we always keep a full and documented communication dialogue trail and under no circumstances will these consultancies get away with such dirty manipulation tricks. If any company has been paid to manipulate a situation they will be prosecuted along with the third party in question under the Corruption and bribery act 2010.

GEM ENERGY - For Business Group -

Always looking after our existing/potential customers

Legal Publication - 19/02/2020

GEM ENERGY - For Business Group believe that companies focused on energy productivity will gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace. Our consulting expertise and services optimize the efficiency of your facilities for reduced lifetime operating costs.

Our CEO challenges any UK based business or government department energy portfolios for the opportunity to prove our expertise to you through our complimentary energy data review process, as we know for a fact on any larger commercial site or

sites nationally we will reduce your annual energy spend by at least 25%, in some cases far greater rewards with no commitment from you upfront, we will realign and adjust energy settings within your current agreement, bringing your cost of operations down instantly. Sick and tired of hearing all of these promises with little to no results let the GEM ENERGY - For Business Group take control of your energy infrastructure for unrivaled results anywhere in the UK - "what have you got to lose" get in touch today via our head office contact number or fill in one of our contact forms at the bottom of every additional page on our website and request a call back instantly !

The GEM ENERGY - For Business Group - is the organisation you rely on to recognise your goals, improve your business performance and optimize the efficiency of your facility and operate with the utmost integrity. With customised solutions to reduce your cost of operations instantly and deliver the highest return on your investment, our companies stand as one team and stand by our word no matter what.


- Energy suppliers overcharge UK gas consumers after meter gaffe 

Thousands of gas consumers have been overcharged because energy suppliers have made basic mistakes reading their meters, industry executives have told the Financial Times.

A resulting inquiry by the energy regulator puts the industry back in the spotlight, just weeks after the UK’s competition watchdog warned that customers were paying £1.7bn more than they should every year by not switching supplier. 


False claims on low-carbon energy are damaging UK-

The Committee on Climate Change was established by the 2008 Climate Change Act to act as the climate policy equivalent of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee. Ministers and Parliament are required by law to rely on its advice. Arguably this role gives the committee more influence over Britain’s long-term prosperity than anyone else. 

A public body, funded by the taxpayer to the tune of £3.8m a year, discharging such a crucial role requires competence, honesty and objectivity.

The committee’s recent report on energy prices is deficient in all three, instead displaying similar ethical standards to Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth. Yes, low carbon electricity is more expensive than burning fossil fuels, the report conceded, but overall, low carbon policies were making people better off because energy efficiency policies meant that people were consuming less electricity.

GEM ENERGY - For Business Group total service package is paramount for any UK based business -

please refer to the above articles, do not be caught out and leave nothing to chance, let the experts review your supply point data today to eliminate any prospect of wrong doing and reclaim what is rightfully yours and more importantly to make sure every energy setting across your site is in fact set at the right level, making sure all future charges are correct, please refer to services guidelines below - 


A multi-faceted resource for on-site power generation and efficient use of energy, GEM Energy is a trusted adviser to leading organisations in the institutional, industrial, government, and commercial sectors.

While what we do is technically complex, it’s simple to explain: We optimize your facility’s efficiency to reduce your operating costs.

Our technology expertise includes on-site power generation. We do everything from , to comprehensive solar combined heat and power (CHP) development. Our scope includes funding, system design, integration, installation and ongoing maintenance.

GEM Energy For Business Group integrated complimentary services include -

  • Consumption Reduction Strategies
  • Supply Point Data Review.
  • Full Rebate of 100% paid back to the business bank account directly from the supplier in default.
  • KVA Analysis Review - to make sure you are not being charged in excess for energy, you are not actually using through your power supplies.
  • Managing And Maintaining Facilities - (Energy Management)
  • Full Account Management services with all suppliers nationally, putting your business in control.
  • Energy Procurement.
  • Energy Intensive Industry Scheme application process to payout of up to an 85% rebate on FIT'S charges paid directly back into your business bank account, complete an exempt certificate for RO and CFD charges reducing your invoice charges ongoing
  • 20% Electricity Intensity test from commissioning through to completion and enrollment onto the EIIS scheme
  • DUOS (Distribution Use Of System) charges review and realignment service
  • ESOS - Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme from Enrollment to compliance procedures, to stop the environmental health agency, through the European energy directive of submitting fines of up to £50,000 per site which would multiple site by site for multi site corporations.
  • Meter operator and Meter administration services, unmetered supplies and triad notification services
  • Designing, installing and repairing, building automation control systems
  • Performing preventive HVAC Maintenance
  • Energy Performance Contracts
  • Finding and securing finance for energy projects and on-site power
  • Full industry complaints handling from outset to completion
  • GEM ENERGY - For Business Group - have design/build capabilities and a host of other services to steer your energy productivity project from construction all the way through commissioning.